New! TCCS Music Enrichment Stipend Program

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Music Enrichment Stipend Program

In August 2014, the Board of Directors voted to adopt the new Music Enrichment Stipend Program.

The Music Enrichment Stipend Program provides a small stipend for eight senior high school singers who are required to attend all Community and Classical Chorus rehearsals and concerts.

The prospective student is required to complete an application, obtain letters of recommendation, write a letter of commitment, and audition for the position.

By September 29, 2014, there were six regular students, all from Jensen Beach High School. One other student had signed up to participate, but had to quit because of work commitments. Martin County High School will most likely be participating in the program in the future.

Our students currently are: Liv Marie Damm, Kylie King, Jennica Loveland, Larcina Robinson, Cathy Rubano, Zack Wilcox.

We are so pleased to have these young and talented singers contributing to, and supporting our organization.

Author: Terry Garrett

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