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 Dr. Douglas P. Jewett

   Artistic Director





Doug and his wife Sharon are happily settled in Martin County. Settled feels good after growing up moving from church to church as Doug’s father established educational and music programs for Baptist churches in Ohio, Florida, Tennessee, Georgia and North Carolina.

Music is a constant in Doug’s life. He grew up singing, he holds a BA in Music Theory, a MA in Choral Conducting and an Ed.D in Organizational Management. He works in music ministry, he sings with The CenturyMen, he teaches singing, and since 2003 serves as the founder and artistic director for the only community chorus on the Treasure Coast.

Doug and Sharon have two daughters. A granddaughter has now been added to the family.

During their progress through the Martin County Schools, Doug eagerly involved himself in school music programs and continues to work with music directors Ronald Corbin and James Paul. They step in for one another as needed and both Corbin and Paul have directed and sung with TCCS.

4Doug uses music to connect to his community. As Minister of Music at the North Stuart Baptist Church, his music programs start with preschool and children’s choirs and include a hymn sing with senior citizens every Monday morning. There are adult choirs, bell ringers, pageants and summer productions giving more people more opportunities to experience the profound impact of music.

Doug quotes J P Shaw saying, “Music makes the world sing in harmony. It can heal, uplift, help force someone to stand on their own two feet and praise the heavens above. It can unite and give power to those who feel weak, while allowing others to speak when their voices cannot be heard. It gives sight to those who cannot see and allows freedom to those imprisoned by their own hate, through a simple rhyme it’s the most magnificent and magical form of expression known. Enjoyed by billions in all different languages and shared by all ages, without the hindrance of race, creed, color or ethnicity. It’s often said music comes from the heart and the power of it can even help to heal.”

Doug reaches out to music students, watches their educational progress and brings them back to sing as soloists with TCCS in the clear hope that when they return from school they’ll join TCCS and give back to the community that nurtured them.

TCCS gives Doug an opportunity to share the musical treasures of our community. He recruits soloists, musicians, sound and lighting technicians and accompanists for performances. He connects TCCS with the performing arts community in this region.

In recognition of his contribution to the community, the Martin Arts Council named him the 2010 Outstanding Performing Artist.

Doug not only shares his love of music and his mission to keep people singing with his own community, he is actively involved with the nationally acclaimed choir, The CenturyMen. He sings second tenor and serves as President for this 142-man choir of others also in full-time service with Baptist ministries. He is currently pursuing the founding of  the Treasure Coast College of Fine Arts, a four-year college with graduates receiving a BFA and teaching credentials.

He received his Ed.D. doctoral degree  from Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, Arizona.  in June of 2013.

Doug is the inspiration and driving force behind TCCS.