Membership Teams

Vice Chairs: Responsible to plan, direct and oversee the operations, fiscal health and the work of a group of teams within the TCCS not-for-profit organization, and planning and maintaining work systems, procedures, and policies that enable and encourage the optimum performance of team leaders, people and other resources within that group.

Vice-Chair for Performance Teams is
Don Merritt, responsible for the following teams: Production, Hospitality, Membership, Music, Program, Ticket, Usher and Wardrobe.

Vice-Chair for Finance and Community Development Teams is
John Gear, responsible for the following teams: Finance, Fundraising, Grants, Information Management, Marketing and Community Relations, Scholarship and Website.

Teams and Team Leaders

If you are a Team Leader or Team Member please click on the appropriate link to access your page. Please review our Format For Team Reports pdf document >> Here <<before submitting your Team Report. For the Team Leader Membership List please click >> Here <<. For the Requisition/Reimbursement/Purchase Order Form, please click >> Here <<.

Sales and Marketing Team


Jeanne DeLormier

Team Leader, Sales and Marketing Team

Team Leader: Jeanne DeLormier, has been singing most of her life. Wants to help spread the word about TCCS so people can experience the joy of singing or just listening to beautiful music.

Team Description

To initiate and execute activities that will support TCCS’s objective to consistently “pack the house”.


  • Develop a marketing and sales plan: present to the Board for its review, input and approval.
  • Work with the Ticket Team to develop group ticket plans and discounts.
  • Identify segments of the local market that will be receptive to purchasing TCCS tickets on a multiple ticket basis, e.g., independent and assisted living communities, country clubs, business organizations, etc..
  • Develop a strategy to enhance communications and TCCS’s relationship with regular attendees at TCCS concerts, e.g., use the email data base to communicate on a year-round basis; enhance the collection of email addresses; focus a portion of our marketing and communications on our “regulars”.
  • Implement annual ticket subscriptions, e.g., preferred seating; reduced pricing; other preferred options.
  • Determine methods to help TCCS members to sell their individual tickets.
  • Consider methods to sell blocks of tickets.
  • Consider incentives for TCCS’ members who sell multiple tickets.
  • Identify individuals and/or groups who will sell TCCS’ tickets on a volume basis.
  • Consider attendee recognition activities, e.g., recognize regular attendees; offer incentives for bringing others.
  • Explore the viability of adding more performances.


Production Team


Angela Trimble

Team Leader, Production Team

Team Leader: Angela Trimble,

Team Description

Production Team

Team Purpose: To oversee all details of scheduled Community and Classical Concerts/set-up and all staging aspects of concert performances.


  • Production Team Responsibilities
  • Arrange/coordinate photographer for concerts
  • arrange/coordinate videographers for concerts
  • communicate with artistic director about any needed embellishments for concerts, (dancers, drama, Santa, etc) and make arrangements for such, oversee and coordinate timing
  • Submit monthly and end of year reports to the secretary, all board members, and all team leaders.

Website Team


Terry Garrett

Team Leader, Website

Team Leader: Terry Garrett, Past TCCS Board Chair – 10 years with TCCS. Sings Bass with “Chamber Chorus”. Born in Columbus, Ohio, and has a Master Degree (MBA) with a concentration in Information Technology. “Music has been a big part of my life”.

Team Description

Responsibilities: Oversee updating and maintenance of the TCCS website.

  • Update and maintain the website to reflect the most recent information and activities.
  • Schedule periodic team reviews of the website including navigation, revisions, updates, and feedback both internal and external.
  • The website team is not responsible for developing other team information. Teams will provide content to be placed on the website.
  • Submit monthly and end of year team reports to the secretary, all board members and all team leaders.


  • Provide information for the general public visiting the site: to include concerts, tickets, donations, advertising, TCCS merchandise etc.,
  • Provide information for the general membership: to include rehearsals, concerts, concert dues, concert attire, tickets, donations, advertising, contact information etc.
  • Provide information for the general membership: to include rehearsals, concerts, concert dues, concert attire, tickets, donations, advertising, contact information etc.
  • Edit content in both the general public and membership areas of the site.


  • Maintain mechanisms for Teams to communicate with the membership.
  • Edit content in both the general public and membership areas of the site.
  • Update photos and graphics to include proper sizing of images, their placement and alignment with the site.
  • Provide additional pages to the site as needed.
  • Develop custom databases as needed and ensure their interoperability with the website’s current platform.

Finance Team


Pat Wacker

Team Leader, Finance Team

Team Description

Responsibilities: Submit monthly and year end reports to all Board Members and all Team Leaders.


  • Work with team leaders to create team budgets and work those figures along with the core costs of salaries, rent, insurance, storage etc. into a budget proposal for Board adoption.
  • For every expense, identify a workable income stream.
  • A proposed budget should be presented to the Board of Directors by the March meeting and approved before the Annual Meeting in May.



  • Manage the organization’s effort to solicit donations to meet expenses not covered by existing income streams.
  • Ensure that all donations are submitted to the Treasurer and Secretary using the appropriate form detailing the listing, the type, the source, and the contact.
  • Coordinate with: the Advertising and Fund Raising Teams; Treasurer and Secretary.


  • Ensure that an audit of the Corporation’s financial records is conducted annually.
  • Compile a report in a timely manner, and present to the Board of Directors by the August Board meeting.
  • Coordinate with: Treasurer and Secretary.

Fundraising Team

Fundraising Team

Team Leader: TBA

Responsibilities: Provide the oversight and guidance of donations collection. Donation collection is a year-round activity.

  • Develop and provide a form to be used in collecting donations.
  • Develop instructions for form use-guidance to TCCS members.
  • Provide routine communications to TCCS members.
  • Develop a schedule for donation collection.
  • Develop forecast of donation collections and team budget information.
  • Establish a routine for the turnover of collected donations to the treasurer.
  • Keep a record of donor information: names, addresses, check numbers, etc.
  • Provide a list of donors/amount categories for publication in the music programs, website, etc.
  • Provide drafts of donor thank you letters for tax purposes at year end to Secretary for mailing.
  • Provide statistics and other consultations to the TCCS Board.

Hospitality Team


Dale Merritt

Team Leader, Hospitality Team

Team Leader: Dale Merritt –

Team Description

Responsibilities: Oversee making all arrangements for the annual meeting; receptions, benefits and other events of this nature. Make all arrangements for the annual meeting; appreciation receptions after concerts as designated; benefits or other gatherings being held.

If the venue for any of the activities should be at North Stuart Baptist Church:

  • Contact the church to schedule the Crowell Building for the activity. Coordinate with: Church Secretary.
  • Arrange for the use of microphones and other necessary equipment. Coordinate with: Church Secretary.
  • Contact the church for approval to use their coffee makers. Coordinate with: Church representative helping with the kitchen.

If the venue should be at another location: make all arrangements with the contact person.

For the Annual Meeting: The annual meeting is scheduled the last Monday following the final weekend concert of the Community Chorus. It begins at 6:00pm.

  • Organize the covered dish dinner. Contact Chris at the church to assist with the kitchen. She will be paid.
  • Purchase necessary paper products and plastic utensils etc.
  • Contact the church for approval to use their coffee makers and sound equipment.
  • Set and decorate the tables, including serving tables and beverage table.
  • Help with the distribution of agenda, copies of the bylaws and any other hand outs.
    Refer to Section 11- page 54, for details on preparation for the Annual Meeting.


Assist Concert Production Team at each concert.

  • In March, the Secretary orders the vases engraved with the TCCS logo to be ready the week before the meeting. See Board Awards page for details.
  • Indicate other teams, individuals or other entities with whom team coordinates:
    President, venue, secretary church secretary, church kitchen coordinator.

Scholarship Team


Muffin Adamiak

Team Leader, Scholarship

Team Leader: Muffin Adamiak – “Music has been a constant joy throughout my life. I sang in choirs, in musicals, in NJ All-State chorus, college acapella group, and in retirement I found TCCS! What a treat. I have worked for over 10 years for a nonprofit which raises money for college scholarships, so this job with TCCS is a great fit. The students are terrific and they will bring the joy of music to future generations”.

Team Description

Scholarship Team

Team Leader: Muffin Adamiak

Responsibilities: Advise the board about how much money needs to be set aside for scholarships.

  • Advise Board on bylaw language required by relevant law.
  • Manage application, guidelines and process.
  • Recommend awardees to Board.
  • Set up award event, release information to the media.
  • Track awardees.

Wardrobe Team


Jo-Lynn Clarke

Co-Team Leader, Wardrobe

Co-Team Leader: Jo-Lynn Clarke I will be co-chairpersons of the Costume Committee. I have sung with Sweet Adeline’s for 30 years, and was on the costume committee while singing with Sweet Adeline’s. I am enjoying singing with TCCS, and have been a member for five years.



Pam Carozza

Co-Team Leader, Wardrobe

Co-Team Leader: Pam Carozza – I will be co-chairpersons of the Costume Committee. Moved to Hobe Sound in 2000 fr NY retiring after 27 yrs with the federal gov’t.. Over the years volunteered for the Literacy council (tutor) ,president of the Friends of the Martin Cty library board, Hobe Sound Women’s Club president. I love to sing and was a member of my high school chorus back in the day. A friend and member of TCCS suggested I join TCCS. This is my 2nd yr. and I’m loving it. I’m happy to lend a hand to TCCS anyway I can.



Responsibilities: The purpose of the Wardrobe Team is to oversee concert attire for members of the contemporary, classical and show choirs under the direction of the Wardrobe Team leader. Team members may be asked to assist in fitting and distributing garments and accessories, take orders for logo polo shirts and help maintain inventory.

Ticket Sales Team


Wilma Johnson

Team Leader, Tickets

Team Leader: Wilma Johnson – has been a singer with TCCS for 6 years. A graduate of Cedar Crest College, she retired from corporate positions in online design, training and account support.

Team Description

Ticket Team

Ticket sales team Responsibilities:Oversee the preparation and sales of tickets to TCCS Concerts

  • Provide vendor with concert dates, themes, and pricing.
  • Provide members with tickets for sale. Record distribution and sales on weekly logs
  • Return cash to Treasurer and logs weekly to IM Team for entry into computer.
  • Provide tickets for sake at NSBC office – collect tickets and monies prior to concerts
  • Follow up and fulfill all telephone orders.
  • Provide tickets to Marketing Team for group sales (businesses, other non-profits as requested).
  • Provide tickets to Youth Chorus as requested.

On Concert Days:

  • Staff ticket table with volunteers one hour before concert.
  • Prepare all “will call” tickets for distribution.
  • Track tickets sold at door and via website
  • Take head count from balcony during concerts. Alert Secretary.
  • Count number of tickets stubs collected. Count number of complimentary tickets collected. Inform Secretary.
  • Return cash to Treasurer and door counts (#tickets sold, balcony head count, # tickets collected, # complimentary tickets turned in to IM Team)

Program Team


Cynthia Bartal

Team Leader, Program

Team Leader: Cynthia Bartal – a resident of St. Lucie County for over 30 years. Has a BS in French and MEd a Millersville University. Founder of Barnabas Christian Academy and Served as its Administrator for 20 years. Retired and I enjoy singing, serving as pianist/organist at North Stuart Baptist Church.

Team Description

Program Team


  • Oversee the preparation of the annual concert program and inserts.
  • Collecting, organizing, proofing all information for the concert inserts (concert order list of singers’ names, donations).
  • Communication with the graphic designer who then creates the insert for printing
  • Submitting monthly and annual reports to the Board of Directors
  • Attend Team Leader meetings.

Music Team


Shirley Kohler

Team Leader, Music

Team Leader: Shirley Kohler,

Team Description

Music Team

Team Leader: Shirley Kohler

Provide the Artistic Director with themes based on available music. Search the websites for new songs that fit chosen themes. Provide suggestions to the Artistic Director.

  • Copy the selected music for singers and the scores for orchestra when included.
  • Distribute copies of the music to members who have paid their dues.
  • Collect money from classical members who purchase their music.
  • Coordinate all elements with printer, meeting printer deadlines. The annual program needs to be finalized three weeks prior to the first performance. The inserts need to be final one week before performance.
  • File music, maintaining inventory for audit.
  • After the Artistic Director has recorded the music, copy it to the website and copy CDs for members.
  • Distribute the CDs and collect money as specified by the Board.
  • Sell recordings of our performances when produced. Provide CD duplicator with cover art and lists of songs, singers, musicians. Working with the Board secretary, apply for necessary licensing.
  • Collect and recycle member copies after the last performance of each concert.

Membership Team


Marge Bailey

Team Leader, Membership Team

Team Leader: Marge Bailey – My husband Bob and I joined the TCCS Community Chorus in 2013 after we moved to Florida from upper New York state. We have sung in church choirs, school, college and community choruses for most of our lives. We obviously enjoy singing, but also the comradery of our fellow singers.

Team Description

Membership Team

Membership Team Responsibilities: Track and record registration and attendance.

  • Create the necessary forms.
  • Collect dues. Deposit money.
  • Take photos for and assist Doug Artistic Director in maintaining the seating chart.
  • Make name tags for new members.
  • Send cards to members as needed.
  • Attend to the special needs of members including seating, financial limitations and lack of electronic communication.
  • Provide Program Team Leader the list of all singers for the insert in the program for each concert, (Classical and Community).

Conduct orientation for new members and provide reminders to returning members to ensure that:

  • Members arrive at rehearsal on time.
  • Members remain silent during rehearsal.
  • Members bring pencils to record the direction of the Artistic Director.
  • Members do not wear any scent.
  • Members focus on choral sound, not solos.
  • Members provide their own black notebook.
  • Members clip the inside corners of their music to reduce the sound of page turns.Submit monthly and year end team reports to all Board President and Secretary upon request. Members and all Team Leaders.

Grants Team


Jackie Azzarto

Team Leader, Grants

Team Leader: Jackie Azzarto, ..etc.

Team Description

Grants Team

Team Leader: Jackie Azzarto

Responsibilities: Seek grant opportunities and provide the oversight and guidance for procuring grants.

  • Provide the oversight and guidance of grant applications.
  • Seek grant opportunities year-round.
  • Develop and maintain a list of grant sources for TCCS application.
  • Develop detailed schedule for specific grant application procedures.
  • Develop forecast of successful grants and team budget information.
  • Establish a routine for the turnover of collected grant monies to the Treasurer.
  • Keep records of grant information: names, addresses, check numbers, etc.
  • Provide a list of grants/amount categories for publication in music programs, websites, etc.
  • Provide drafts of grant thank you letters for tax purposes at year end to the Secretary for mailing.
  • Provide statistics and other data to the TCCS board.
  • Submit monthly and year end team reports to the secretary, all board members and all team leaders.

Usher Team

Bob Dibble

Bob Dibble

Team Leader, User Team

Team Leader: Bob Dibble, …etc.

Team Description

Usher Team

Team Leader : Bob Dibble

Team Purpose: To oversee all details of scheduled Community and Classical Concerts/set-up and greeting process of patrons.


  • Arrange ushers and greeters for arriving patrons and handicapped parking.
  • Show patrons in wheelchairs to the back center pew.
  • Ask the Stage Manager to provide seats for waiting patrons, and to add additional seating, if necessary, at the back of the sanctuary.
  • Check with ticket sales to determine the need for additional seating.
  • Arrange for traffic control by calling Chris Thomas (813-391-0666). He will arrange to have two officers for two hours starting one half hour before the performance. Notify the Treasurer of the names of the officers and the amount each is to be paid (has been $35 per hour). Deliver the checks to the officers.
  • Arrange procession. Call for line up about 10 minutes prior to performance. Doug will arrive about 5 minutes prior for announcements and prayer.
  • Ensure that the holding area is locked during performance (stage manager should have keys) and opened immediately after concert so singers can leave and retrieve personal possessions.
  • Ensure the “No Parking” signs for the Furniture Barn are set out and cones for handicapped parking.
  • Work with the stage manager to make sure there are chairs in the lobby for early arriving patrons and in the sanctuary for ample seating.
  • Collect tickets and distribute programs as patrons enter.
  • Hold doors for patrons who enter or leave during performances to reduce the distraction.
  • Try to keep the chairs at the back of the sanctuary empty for late arrivals.
  • Clean up and store programs and inserts from concert venue, saving at least ten for the files. They are to be given to the secretary for filing.
  • Submit monthly and end of year reports to the secretary, all board members, and all team leaders.